::DIY tin can vases::

Aku pasti kat rumah korang sure banyak tin-tin yang kosongkan?
Demi menyahut seruan kerajaan supaya kitar semula,aku buat tin tu tanam pokok keladi ;P
Tapi aku ada cari-cari idea lain untuk recycle tin-tin kosong ni..
Let me share with all of u,k

What you’ll need:
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Scrapbook Paper or gift wrap with interesting designs
- Decorative ribbon
- Spray Adhesive
- Containers to cover like an empty can, old unused vases and soda cans
- Floral foam
- Flowers

Step 1: Choose the container you would like to cover and measure a strip of the scrapbook paper to fit around the container.

Step 2: Cut the scrapbook paper into a strip that fits around the container.

Step 3: Spray a thin layer of the spray adhesive onto your scrapbook paper strip on the side you want adhered to your container.

Step 4: Wait one minute for the spray adhesive to get really sticky.

Step 5: Then, carefully adhere the scrapbook paper strip to the container.

Step 6: To add more interest to your covered container, spray measured pieces of ribbon with the spray adhesive and adhere to the container.

Step 7: Then, fill your container about halfway full with water. Cut flower stems at an angle to ensure they get the most water pumping through their stems. For a more hand-picked feel, simply cut the stems and place in the container. For more of a controlled, full look, you can use floral foam. Simply cut the floral foam into a piece that fits snuggly into your container and insert stems into foam.

Step 8: This method of covering different containers can work for a variety of containers and creates a fun, custom look for each vase covered. Great for bridal showers, centerpieces, place cards, and votives. For larger containers, you can use a fabric covering using the same methods of adhering the fabric. Be bold and be creative!

Mudah bukan?..pada B2B tu,maybe boleh jadikan idea ni as a centerpiece or untuk meja pengantin.Murah dan mudah.Pastu boleh recycle untuk letak kat rumah sendiri plak.
Aku nak amik gambar pasu pokok keladi aku,tapi camera takde battery.Next time ye.
So,selamat mencuba ;P

p/s:mood blogging hilang disebabkan internet lembap cam siput sedut

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