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Ok..aku sambung previous entry.Sape-sape nak try wat lantern sendiri,boleh try info yang aku bagi ni.Aku tau ramai B2B yang rajin kan...


What you’ll need:
- Paper lantern
- Paper doilies
- Scissors
- Double-sided tape
- String to hang

Step 1: Cut a bunch of doilies in half.
Step 2: For the top few doilies, cut out a semi-circle so it will fit around the opening at the top of the lantern. Turn over and place double-sided tape on the wrong side.
Step 3: Stick to the top of the lantern. Repeat with another two or three doily halves until the top opening is circled. You might need to overlap a few of the doilies slightly to fit but try and get it as even as possible.
Step 4: Place double-sided tape on the wrong sides of the halved doilies at the top.
Step 5: Stick underneath the top doilies in the middle of the gaps, so they’re overlapped like fish scales.
Step 6: Continue all the way around and down to the bottom. For the final layer, you might need to cut a doily into quarters to fill the leftover space.
ni la hasilnya ;P

ni plak kalau sape nak deco white cantik plak aku rasa.dah jadi cam pomander ball pun ada.kalau guna lantern yang kecik2 sure comel ;P

Paper lanterns>>flowers

Supplies and tools
  • white paper lantern
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • fake flowers
  • scissors
  • pom-pom fringe
  • compact fluorescent light bulb

1. Start by removing the flowers from the garland, remove the plastic pieces, and tear the petals apart (some are hot glued together).
2. Then cut the pom poms off the fringe. You can also buy loose pom poms, but I liked these off-white ones better than the white ones they sell loose.
3. Hot glue the flowers and pom-pom centers onto the lantern. Glue them so they overlap to cover the entire paper surface. The garland I used provided just enough flowers for one 12-inch paper lantern.

4. Insert the cord kit and hang from the ceiling. If you use a compact fluorescent light bulb, you’ll never have to worry about the hot glue melting.
Sape-sape nak try buat,boleh refer terus kat link yang aku bagi tu.Selamat mencuba ;P

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Xora said...

Fuiiyo! idea best sangat!!

adlyn833 said...

xora>>try la wat.xora kan B2B yg rajin ;P

nuttyNAD said...

kawen teman, koma jgn luper buat yer

pengantin xder maser nak buat

tambah plak, pengantin tgn kayu

adlyn833 said...

nad>>boleh je nak tolong buat.tapi aku charge ar..igt kawan2 boleh dapat free ke?jgn harap.hahha...

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